The Industry-Leading Surety Workflow Automation Solution

The surety industry is changing rapidly. Principals demand real-time data access around the clock, bond turnaround times are shrinking, and everyone in the surety cycle needs accurate reports on all aspects of the business. Today’s surety agencies need to automate to keep pace and drive profitability.

iAutomate: Erlon Surety is an end-to-end surety bond workflow solution that works the way your surety office works: Issue, track, and execute bonds. Generate reports for obligees and principals. Speed bond processing and reduce errors and omissions. Available in customer-hosted and cloud-based versions.

What Can We Help You Automate?

+ Workflow & Functionality

Improve efficiency with iAutomate: Erlon Surety – get more work done with fewer people while reducing the potential for errors and omissions.

  • Flexible Workflow, Reporting, and Screens – Agents can work on multiple tasks simultaneously, customize drop-down menus, and create reports.
  • Streamlined Workflow – Agents can set up their own workflow, and rely on consistent navigation through the entire process.
  • Calculate Premiums and Commissions – Multiple options to capture premium and commission values, including the ability to manually input endorsement and cancellation premiums.
  • Drop-Down Menus – Speed bond generation by selecting information from drop-down menus, many of which are configurable by the user. Eliminate errors associated with manual keying.
  • Submit Surety Bid Bond Data Electronically – iAutomate: Erlon Surety integrates directly with Surety2000. Submit bid bond data electronically, reduce clerical errors, and protect from fraud by using a digital signature.

Speed surety bond processing time and build more business without adding more staff.

+ Bond Data Management

Electronic data storage of your complete bond history.

  • Enter Information Once, Use Multiple Times – Improve accuracy by entering information once for use throughout the process. Eliminate manual re-keying, and reduce paperwork and errors.
  • Complete Bond History and Audit Log – iAutomate: Erlon Surety retains history for all bonds to include Bid Bonds, Performance/Payment Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, and Commercial/License & Permit Bonds.
  • Share Information Efficiently – Get information into the right hands rapidly, at every stage of the lifecycle of the bond.
  • 24/7 Access to Information – Each client’s bond portfolio available on demand.

+ Reporting

Easily generate reports for everyone in the bond cycle, including contractors and your own internal management team.

  • Built-in Reports – iAutomate: Erlon Surety includes a series of system reports. It’s quick and easy to generate reports about bond information overview, principal-specific information, management data, surety, and more.
  • Enhanced Information – Display details of transactional line items, including bond value and premium changes, and accurately track and monitor changes over the life of a bond.
  • Manage the Business – Report on every aspect of the business, from data on bond liability, the cost to complete work remaining on all jobs, or any other variable. Slice and dice information to create detailed reports at a click of a button.

+ Agency Management System Integration

  • Eliminate Manual Re-keying – Transmit bond and transactional data seamlessly to your agency management system to reduce the potential for error, speed workflow and billing, and cut costs.

iAutomate: Erlon Surety integrates with

  • Applied Systems’ Epic, TAM and Vision

  • Vertafore’s AMS360 and Sagitta

  • XDimensional Technologies’ Nexsure

  • Peachtree

  • Quickbooks

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Advances in Surety Technology Deliver Big Benefits

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