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For Agencies


For Agencies, iAutomate: Erlon Surety is the industry-leading solution for insurance agency surety departments. Speed surety bond processing by streamlining workflow, reduce errors and omissions, ensure consistent processes, and automate the entire surety process.


For Brokerages, iAutomate: Broker Surety is designed for national, multi-location insurance agency surety departments. Implement consistent workflow, streamline processes, reduce errors and omissions, and improve the efficiency of your entire surety process.


For Brokers



For Companies


For Carriers: designed for sureties, iAutomate: Company Surety streamlines the entire surety business. Track and manage all agency data and financial information. Create a closed-loop surety process, and enable agencies to execute bonds within pre-approved parameters.


Streamline Surety Bond Workflow Management

Insurance Automation Group develops a full suite of surety solutions that enable agencies to streamline their surety bond processing and workflow, and that enable surety companies to create a closed-loop surety process by connecting directly to agency partners. Our suite of solutions is designed to automate the entire surety workflow process – from when a firm approaches an agency to develop a surety bond, to when the agency approaches its surety partner to underwrite its bonds, to the final bond approval and execution. Each partner in the team can efficiently manage their bond approval and execution process, track all bond data, easily generate reports on every aspect of the bond process, and reduce the errors and omissions that occur in manual bond processing.


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